For Business Owners

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Several key aspects of Fundamental Capital set us apart from other private equity firms and make us ideal partners for management teams of growth companies.  Among our advantages are:

Genuine Operational Expertise

The Principals of Fundamental Capital, augmented by our network of Operating Partners, bring years of real-world experience of running companies of all sizes – with a particular emphasis on growing, building and expanding organizations, brands and profits.

Long-term Investment Horizon

Fundamental Capital invests for the long term.  We operate under no restrictions that would require us to exit our investments before it is prudent to do so – enabling us, if appropriate, to manage and grow our portfolio companies over much longer timeframes than those of traditional private equity funds.  With this focus on long-term capital appreciation, we can provide stability for our portfolio investments, their management and their employees.

Ownership Transition

In particular, we work very hard to craft partnerships with companies’ principal stockholders to enable smooth transitions, retirements and successions in our transactions.  We strive to meet the individual needs and preferences of business owners and sellers that may include ongoing involvement, re-investment, separation, etc.

Flexibility and Experience

With our depth of operational expertise, Fundamental Capital knows that each business and management team requires unique solutions, and we structure our investments to ensure “win-win” situations for all parties.  Having completed several transactions that have met the Fundamental Capital targeted criteria, we have a proven track record of success, gaining very valuable hands-on experience addressing current issues that such businesses face.

Decision-making/ Sense of Urgency

As we focus on only a small number of high-quality investments at one time, Fundamental Capital has the ability to remain very connected to our portfolio management teams and to retain strong grasps of our companies’ operations, opportunities and challenges.  We are always prepared and eager to help make decisions, solve problems and offer guidance.