For Intermediaries

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Fundamental Capital is not a typical private equity buyer, and offers important advantages to representatives of companies and owners, including:

Deal Structure Flexibility

Fundamental Capital is not held to a specific deal structure. We approach investment opportunities with an openness to consider flexible transaction structures to meet the current and future capital needs of our portfolio companies.

Range of Investment

Fundamental Capital looks to make initial equity investments of $2 million to $10 million per transaction. However, through partnerships and alignment with other groups, we have the ability to significantly add to that range.

Industry and Geographic Options

Although we have stated our investment preferences of consumer-related businesses located in the Western U.S. and Hawaii, the depth of Fundamental Capital’s Operating Partner network enables us to pursue transactions, and to provide strategic and operational guidance to companies in a broad range of industries and locations.

“Hands-on” Approach to Investments

Fundamental Capital looks to play active roles in the companies in which it invests. While we seek strong management teams, we offer the ability to supplement incomplete or inexperienced groups with hands-on involvement that may include assuming interim positions and mentoring, as permanent management teams are developed.

Decisiveness and Responsiveness

All investment decisions are made by the principals of Fundamental Capital, without the need for committee approvals that can slow down processes. We look to make only a small number of investments each year, and can ensure that analysis, decisions and communication all take place promptly and prudently.